new romantic new decade

21 January, 2010

it's me, me, me, me & me

and the boy gets a cigar !

2 October, 2009

happy birthday, groucho marx !

dagnabbit consarnit

3 September, 2009

batman sayin 'rassafrassin' peckalomer! sagamuggin' gruzzl criggin!', from detective comics 567, page 4

goodbye mj

25 June, 2009

michael jackson the one and only king of pop who will live forever has died he is dead oh he's bad you know it

gotta start sayin this

18 May, 2009

female fury knockout in birds of prey 109 by darkseid's eyes shortly before her death, new gods, awesome saying, exclamation

John Maus – Enterprise

9 May, 2009

happy star wars day

4 May, 2009

may the fourth be with you


10 April, 2009

black canary huntress thorne legs fighting birds of prey chickfight cropped

demonz rule ya geek

22 March, 2009

some gang d00d carving demonz some graff in the wall YA GEEK

14 March, 2009


that which you search

28 February, 2009

kai winn is such a bitch
man in unitard
brad pitt when he was young
young photo of brad pitt with hat
brad pitt pizza
how to draw a ballerina
eating pizza
mountainman hat
bling bear


28 February, 2009

pixel portrait of jay


27 February, 2009

pixel portrait of jason


26 February, 2009

pixel portrait of dean


25 February, 2009

pixel portrait of robby 2.0

we’re fuckin’ maniacs

23 February, 2009

pic from of the one and only nik fiend of alien sex fiend wearing an I'M A FUCKIN' MANIAC shirt

huzzah !

23 February, 2009

it’s me !

23 February, 2009

drawing by J.P. Morrison

drawing by Josephine Pearl Morrison

best brad pitt picture ?

28 January, 2009

brad pitt in the 80s when he is young and wearing a hat and smiling and pointing

we need to talk

20 January, 2009

about apostrophes