here are some suggestions from MDA on standardizations of how to position labels and marks on museum objects (or on whatever you might think up, says i)

Object Position
Bird and mammal specimens Underside of base for mounted specimens, otherwise
on a label attached to the wire supports by thread
Books, albums, sketchbooks Lower corner on inside of each cover; if
decorated, on first plain page
Botanical collections On the herbarium sheet
Clay pipes Bowl bottom or, if broken, on pipe stem as
Clothing Back of neckband or waistband, near the
Crystals With number on label inside glass tube
Draperies and curtains On reverse side, usually lower right hand
Flat-mounted mammal skins On the card which supports the skins
Fluid-preserved specimens Inside container, against glass so they can be
read from outside
Framed prints, drawings, watercolours, oil
Mark the stretcher and the frame on the top
left-hand corner at the back
Furniture Top right-hand side of the side of cabinets and
tables; right-hand side of seat rail back for chairs
Glass and enamels Lower back or under the foot
Gloves and stockings Inside the welt or cuff
Handbags and purses Inside, near the opening
Insect collections On card, mounted on the pin
Mirrors If freestanding, reverse side; side of mount if
Ceramic vessels and
Base, avoiding foot (reverse side if base
Powder horns and flasks Back edge near opening
Rocks, minerals and fossils Matrix (or the ‘poorest side’ of specimens without
Rugs, tapestries and carpets Reverse side, on diagonal corners
Sherds Undecorated surface not on fracture break
Shoes On the sole, under the instep
Stone sculpture Base, avoiding foot (reverse side if base
Study skins Label attached to dowel support or to feet if no
dowel support
Swords Blade, below hilt and ricasso
Textiles and embroideries On the reverse at the corner
Tools with metal parts Near the handle junction
Unframed prints, drawings, watercolours On the reverse, in the border
Unframed oil paintings On stretcher
Weapons and tools Stock, handle or inside of trigger guard

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