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pizza rebirth

28 February, 2007

im bursting out of this pizza, hell yeah!


27 February, 2007

hasty town

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand vid.

26 February, 2007

ray reclining 2

25 February, 2007

ray reclining gif


24 February, 2007

animation that i made today

guest critique

23 February, 2007

This week I participated in a critique with visiting artist Judith Schaechter. I had actually seen an exhibition of her work a couple years ago in Seattle and I was very honored to talk with her and the department about my current work. It was my first time in a guest critique and it went well.

I projected my Canvas 1 animation onto the sewn pocketed canvas object @ a synched size.

I also displayed this short conglomeration of a selection of recent video vignettes:


22 February, 2007

serious and silly are not mutually exclusive

morse code

21 February, 2007

desi + walrus = desirus

reindeer buns

20 February, 2007


mouse deer & deer mouse; it’s 4:43am in Paris

19 February, 2007

a deer mouse and mouse deer play in the spacially nonsensical forest brush
click to view full-size

ray reclining 1

18 February, 2007

ray reclining, still image from animation
click to view flash document

“pop art”

17 February, 2007

'pop art' toaster from target

requesting different imagery

right right.

16 February, 2007

if you go to the past in the future, then your future is in the past.

ramagon 2

15 February, 2007

sewn canvas piece 1

15 February, 2007

after: drawing


14 February, 2007

oh my oh no oh well

13 February, 2007


always two dollars in my wallet

12 February, 2007

two dollar bill in my wallet

i’m talking about mouse deer

11 February, 2007

say mouse deer


10 February, 2007

luke bowls a strike with some help from the force