list of questions asked during critique

  • Is your work undermined by knowledge of your own history?
  • What are the clues that tell us how to read the work?
  • Why is the viewer looking at this piece? Why is the viewer continuing to look at this piece?
  • What is this work telling the viewer?
  • Is one connection more important than another?
  • Does participation relate to the evidence of engagement of the artist in the work?
  • How do you paint big and small at the same time? And how do you paint quickly and slowly at the same time?
  • How do we encounter work?
  • How does the viewer experience the gymnastics that the artist goes through, and should that evidence be part of the experience?
  • How does the artist prioritize and how does the viewer decode the way the information is prioritized?
  • How do we structure an experience?
  • What sorts of decisions do we make and why are we making them?
  • What takes you back to painting?

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