looks like we made it

wagon 1

Andy* [made it to Willamette Valley!]
Kyra [died (snakebite)]
Ugh [died (sick)]
Sarah [died (sick)]
Kelly [died (sick)]

wagon 2

Chandler [died (sick)]
Tom* [died (snakebite)]
Derek [died (cholera)]
Sarah [died (dysentery)]
Angela [died (sick)]

wagon 3

Daphne [made it to Willamette Valley!]
Woodie* [made it to Willamette Valley!]
Devlin [died (sick)]
Sydney [made it to Willamette Valley!]
Dylan [died (snakebite)]

*indicates leader

10 Responses to “looks like we made it”

  1. jay Says:

    way to go snut!

    hey where are you guys playing this?

  2. jessi Says:

    i rediscovered the cd rom

  3. jay Says:

    well sure but how did you all play together?

  4. jessi Says:

    o we didnt. people signed up to have their names used to see if they lived or died. :D

  5. jessi Says:


  6. adri Says:

    my wagon was the best wagon

  7. jessi Says:

    wagon 5

    Adri* [made it to Willamette Valley!]
    Bastien [made it to Willamette Valley!]
    Dean [made it to Willamette Valley!]
    Valerie [died (sick)]
    Walter [died (snakebite)]

  8. jessi Says:

    wagons 4 & 6 never made it out of independence, missouri.

  9. woodie Says:

    haha I completely forgot about this

  10. jessi Says:

    you made it to willamette valley !

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