26 march 2k7

critique went well today. below is the video which was played on a small screen inside the face-scaled canvas tube protrusion of a sewn canvas object. i will try to get ahold of some pictures (and/or footage) for you of the video in context.

5 Responses to “26 march 2k7”

  1. adri Says:

    do you make the sounds in your movies?

  2. adri Says:

    also i really like the long sequence that starts around 1:24 because it makes me feel like I’m in an ice cave watching glaciers float by or something

  3. jessi Says:

    1) yes, for this movie i did. in my first videos i used a combination of my own sound and the work of other audio artists (xiu xiu, power pill fist, etc).
    For this video, made the audio composition first and i think it was potentially the most involved part of the process for me.

    2) i really like that segment as well. this video was formed to go in a certain context and that section works nicely in it. in ideal an ideal viewing situation, the viewer views this video through a viewing hole into a constructed object which contains the image. when that segment is playing it forms an extension of the interior space: doubling the space while simultaneously creating the awareness of the flatness of the image, much like painting does.

  4. Kelly Says:

    Hi jessi, this is kelly and I just wanna say that I really like this a lot.

  5. jessi Says:

    thanks !

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