trichromacy v. dichromacy

Humans have trichromatic vison while most mammals have dichromatic vision (blue and yellow).

7 Responses to “trichromacy v. dichromacy”

  1. jessi Says:

    I was just outside looking at a firetruck’s bright red flashing lights and thinking how many animals would see those lights in value only and not chroma. how odd since red is such a bold color that we see so easily. (it’s the first true color babies can see.) what a different way of seeing!

  2. jay Says:

    most mammals?? :shock:

  3. jessi Says:

    i believe that’s what Temple Grandin said last night at her lecture

  4. jessi Says:

    wikipedia was all like:

    It is currently believed that most mammals are dichromats. The straightforward exceptions are primates closely related to humans, which are usually trichromats, and sea mammals (both pinnipeds and cetaceans) which are monochromats. New World monkeys are a partial exception: in most species, males are dichromats, and about 60% of females are trichromats, but the owl monkeys are monochromats, and both sexes of howler monkeys are trichromats. Recent research (e.g. Arrese et al, 2005) suggests that trichromacy may be widespread among marsupials.

  5. adri Says:

    i always wondered…how do they figure something like that out? hmm now that i think about it maybe it involves some sort of reward system and flash cards or something

  6. jessi Says:

    yes, i believe they can also isolate and identify if animals have the proper genes for trichromatic vision. scientists have done successful infusion of the gene that allows visualization of the color red into mice which were formerly dichromatic. the amazing thing was the mice adapted to the implanted genes and learned to see trichromatically !

  7. adri Says:


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