I LOVE when I set out walking and it is brisk and I am cold because I know as I traverse through space and time I will warm up !

I will create my own heat energy ! NEAT !


7 Responses to “hat”

  1. jessi Says:

    p.s. isn’t it funny this is entitled hat ? i mean it hardly has anything to do with hats !!!

  2. adri Says:

    haha of course you would like that you freak :( :rage: :limp: :limp: I can’t wait til it warms up again

  3. jessi Says:

    adri :'(

  4. jessi Says:

    im making my own energy :’|
    like those bicycles that toast your toast :’|

  5. adri Says:

    heheh I’m sorry :( I just can’t deal with the cold :( Teach me how to enjoy it as much as you do :(

  6. jessi Says:

    the cold is fresh and clear and clean and crisp and crispy and wiggles on your skin and let’s you see your breath, making the invisible visible! and you can think about science when it’s cold. of course you can think about science anytime, but it’s nice to SEE it. look at that breath ! and it’s fun of course to make your own heat! you can warm up! jumpjumpjump around and do a little dance to warm up if you want or feel the cold cold. and remember when i talked about the weight of blankets? when it’s cold you can put on a ton of blankets and crawl under them and it is SO HEAVY. when i breath in cold air i FEEL. and when i feel I FEEL ALIVE. also, i like wearing lots of layers, layers that are tight and close so you feel like your clothes are hugging you all the time, a strong firm hug.

  7. adri Says:

    you make it seem so exciting :) I agree with the heavy blankets thing. That’s probably the best thing about the cold. Though I also like that when it’s hot you can sleep with the windows open and just a thin sheet and you just feel so warm and nice :)

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