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10 April, 2007

today i had a pet silk worm! he was less than 1/4″ long! he played inside and around some canvas tubes for three hours but then i accidentally lost him in the printmaking computer lab. :'( :'( :'(

so sad


9 April, 2007

canvas overlay circle 2 of five


8 April, 2007

canvas overlay circle 3 of 5


7 April, 2007

canvas overlay circle 4 of 5


6 April, 2007

view to be seen through one canvas tube of five


5 April, 2007

I LOVE when I set out walking and it is brisk and I am cold because I know as I traverse through space and time I will warm up !

I will create my own heat energy ! NEAT !


4 April, 2007

A microburst at the Dolphin Gallery this weekend blew out the north window exhibition space and left our CMYK (Carve Me Your Koncerns) print show flapping in the wind like a pack of flags !

Large Scale Woodcut (3’x5’ish)
large blue woodcut on sheet, ramagon in space

large blue MDF woodcut print

jumble gifs

3 April, 2007

extrapolated ray

jumbled ray

why are you doing that(this)?

2 April, 2007

because I(we) want to !

triangle tacks

1 April, 2007

audio to be added at a later date.