with sydney, dylan, kate, katie, adri, dean, liam, matt, nguyen, ben, loop, desi, sumner, woodie, kelly, walter…

jessi matt liam, let me gaze upon this car that will drive itself to oblivion

jessi ben matt, babie kool-aid man skateboards in the hall, OH YEAH

jessi sumner matt, jackal cat crystals flying bear babie tattoo

 dean ben jessi, woman in the sky, bootman THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD in the mountains

jessi desi nguyen, desi (canadian cowboy) seamonster ^_^

jessi adri matt, dan bejar and friend cheer for rockets

jessi liam dean, the mischievous wind blows the umbrella of the thoroughly rooted tree man


jessi sydney jessi, dancing bear

jessi dylan kate, k'plah! klingon bust radiates a msg from sto-vo-kor

jessi katie sydney, oh leggy hat bird

dean jessi liam, robot barbarian monster

liam jessi adri, confused bat-midget

nguyen adri jessi, buggyman + pet deer mouse

cirque du sumo, jessi matt katie

splinter, jessi adri ben

strike a pose, jessi katie dean

adri jessi katie, fly me too the moon w yr bread

jessi ben adri, aw shucks chicken

jessi loop jessi, double cat ROCK

sumner desi jessi, vomitting alien tv man

jessi katie woodie, my neck !

jessi adri woodie, skating maid w forest friends

jessi desi sumner, polywhirl run over by a vehicle

katie jessi adri, pig-headed whore cuts her leg and scares the children

adri jessi katie, WHAT

jessi cory katie, coolman thinking of cupcake oh man mullet train dinosaur legs

jessi ghostie adri, angsty smoking lad THESE BABIES ARE FUCKING AMAZING

jessi adri walter, oldy man w pocket protector and depressed smoking friend

dean jessi dean, is it han solo ? IS IT ? was it...

adri jessi dylan, NEVAR FORGET the lollypop desishrug

??? jessi sam, penes

jessi robby loop, robby in the sky over the sea SUF a journey of discover

sam liam jessi, snakes stairs and feet frozen in ice

adri walter jessi, purrfeat

jessi dylan adri, PIKA... WHAT ?

6 Responses to “collaborations”

  1. drew Says:

    THESE I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. adri Says:

    aghhh they’re all here
    best thing ever

  3. nikos Says:

    lol when were these made

  4. jessi Says:

    hmmmm a while ago

  5. jason Says:

    i wanna do one

  6. jessi Says:

    whats yr email ?

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