get ready, get sad, go

hateful and hollow

free download

01 Harold Nono – Lightbox
02 Jory Hasselmann – No doubts things just got real
03 The Sea Monsters – Thomas
04 para contra – crimes and misdemeanors
05 Dylan Ettinger – In Puksi’ik’al Box
06 Attacking Plaque – Fading Away
07 pndc – bedtime story / thin moon
08 Jessi Lively – Loritello
09 dessktop – boiling pot of water
10 Your Terrible Daughter – That Night
11 Megazord – Computer, Download Me Every Adam Sandler Movie Ever and Then Save it in the Russian Nintendo Bootleg Video Game File Format and Distill That into its Purest Essence and Convert That to a Sculpture and Then Show Me What it Will Look Like Now…ASAP (Kill Yrself) Part 1
12 Gnomefoam – Feathers, wings, arrows, plummet


3 Responses to “get ready, get sad, go”

  1. Dean Says:

    What a handsome person on the cover!!

  2. jessi Says:

    hehe ;)

  3. misteranono Says:

    Changing my blog to invite only. You’re invited! email me w/your email address. Eventually going to move it. If you want in, let me know!

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