pizza in comics, volume 2

batman pizza tv couch woman

oliver queen green arrow black canary dinah lance pizza shack

pizza noir black and white b&w

pink jim's pizza box on floor

somebody was eating pizza and some crackers too

sometimes pizza is in an alley where crime is found

it's a sad day in gotham when pizza is the backdrop to homicide

pizza and gun sales up-chuck pizza that's ttly gross

2 Responses to “pizza in comics, volume 2”

  1. Jay Says:

    You know, there really is something kind of genius about collecting these images together, and I can say that without exaggeration. I mean I can really imagine coming across something like this in a gallery, and liking it.

    How did you even manage to find all of these anyway?

  2. jessi Says:

    thanks jay

    i’ve been cropping them out of comics i’ve been reading over recent months. i’ve been saving them up, one by one.

    my favorite is “pizza noir”

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