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dagnabbit consarnit

3 September, 2009

batman sayin 'rassafrassin' peckalomer! sagamuggin' gruzzl criggin!', from detective comics 567, page 4

gotta start sayin this

18 May, 2009

female fury knockout in birds of prey 109 by darkseid's eyes shortly before her death, new gods, awesome saying, exclamation


10 April, 2009

black canary huntress thorne legs fighting birds of prey chickfight cropped

demonz rule ya geek

22 March, 2009

some gang d00d carving demonz some graff in the wall YA GEEK

pizza in comics, volume 2

29 December, 2008

batman pizza tv couch woman

oliver queen green arrow black canary dinah lance pizza shack

pizza noir black and white b&w

pink jim's pizza box on floor

somebody was eating pizza and some crackers too

sometimes pizza is in an alley where crime is found

it's a sad day in gotham when pizza is the backdrop to homicide

pizza and gun sales up-chuck pizza that's ttly gross

pizza in comics, volume 1

29 December, 2008

give pizza a chance, these cosplayers do

pizza pizza oh shit is that connor hawke and eddie fyers i see in the bg ?

this jerk wanted sweet sausage pizza

bruce wayne needs alfred pennyworth but pizza is good too

i'm a little in love with dick grayson for bringing barbara gordon pizza

GREAT.  no really, pizza is great

wally west eats a lot of pizza because of his high metabolism

world's greatest detective