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John Maus – Enterprise

9 May, 2009

watch this clip everyday

4 September, 2008

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big dumb bird

19 November, 2007

black dice

17 November, 2007

footage from last night’s black dice show

molten gold

10 October, 2007


22 September, 2007

loud objects

21 September, 2007

footage i took last night @ the loud objects performance @ harrison fort

p.s. pink drawings still present.


13 September, 2007

i love the internet

12 July, 2007

thanks to ryan c. for passing this along !

the return of the blow vid

5 June, 2007

mine is top and center:

original post

motorized couches

4 June, 2007

triangle tacks

1 April, 2007

audio to be added at a later date.

26 march 2k7

26 March, 2007

critique went well today. below is the video which was played on a small screen inside the face-scaled canvas tube protrusion of a sewn canvas object. i will try to get ahold of some pictures (and/or footage) for you of the video in context.

blue felt

15 March, 2007

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand vid.

26 February, 2007

guest critique

23 February, 2007

This week I participated in a critique with visiting artist Judith Schaechter. I had actually seen an exhibition of her work a couple years ago in Seattle and I was very honored to talk with her and the department about my current work. It was my first time in a guest critique and it went well.

I projected my Canvas 1 animation onto the sewn pocketed canvas object @ a synched size.

I also displayed this short conglomeration of a selection of recent video vignettes:

ramagon 2

15 February, 2007

sewn canvas piece 1

15 February, 2007

after: drawing


14 February, 2007

typo becomes title

21 January, 2007